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We introduce ourselves

The Society of Antiquaries of the Land van Waas (K.O.K.W.) was founded in 1861 and is one of the oldest historical societies of Flanders (Belgium). The founders of the society had two purposes: the establishment of a museum and the publication of a magazine, "The Annals".

In 1983 the society transformed as a non profit organisation focusing its activities in the first place on the local history of the Land van Waas. The K.O.K.W. opens its library and documentation centre for researchers and all other interested parties. The organisation also publishes the 'Annals of the Royal Antiquarian Society of the Land van Waas' on a yearly basis covering regional history, art history, archaeology, genealogy, Mercatoriana (Mercator Maps), folklore and cartography.

By donating, exchanging and purchasing the assets of  the K.O.K.W. grew in to an exceptional library and unique special collection of the region of the Land van Waas.  All acquisitions are publically announced on our website www.kokw.be and specifically to our members via our (electronic) newsletter. Every donation and the donators name are written in the organisations registry of the library's acquisition for further consultation.

Our mission is to preserve and document anything about the rich history of this beautiful region. Now you can help us!  

Inform your colleagues and interested people about the objectives of the K.O.K.W. It's an encouraging thought to know that books, magazines, photos, maps, manuscripts and numerous occasional printed materials will be preserved for future generations.

We sincerely thank all our honourable members, authors and sympathizers who offer the K.O.K.W. library with their highly appreciated donations.

Please send us a letter or e-mail for any information concerning the K.O.K.W. or its collection. You can find our mail address under "Contact", or click this link for an e-mail.

mercator gesloten

Unfortunately, since April 3, 2023, the Mercator Museum has been closed for 2 years for renovation works. We hope to welcome you again in the summer of 2025 in a larger and up-to-date new Museum

On 5 March 2012, in Rupelmonde the Flemish cartographer Gerard Mercator was born 500 years ago. On that occasion the KOKW ordered a DVD, in Dutch language, about the life and work of Mercator.
Below you will find an English preview of this DVD AGE of DISCOVER

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